Remembering Baby

Losing a baby can be the hardest thing we ever have to survive. We can heal, but we never forget. These pages are meant to be a safe space for remembering. Share a story, a poem, a prayer or a blessing. Our babies are gone, but are never out of our thoughts or out of our hearts.


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  • These pages are meant to be a safe space for remembering. Share a story, a poem, a prayer or a blessing. Our babies are gone, but are never out of our thoughts or out of our hearts.


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I love you, my darling. Even though I won’t be able to meet you here on earth, I take solace in knowing you are safe in Papa’s arms. You have already met and cuddled with all of our special people. We had so many dreams for you that we won’t see play out in this life. Your brothers and daddy love you so much. I can’t wait to kiss your beautiful face. Forever and always, I love you.

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1/29/2018 Roseburg, OR
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love u my child today n always. rest in peace . be happy n healthy always

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22 april 2018
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My sweet baby how went straight to hevan before i could meet him.

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4-3-2018 Bradenton fl
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Asher Elliott Sneed
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As I lay.
I spray this spray
The weeks have gone by
Still erased am I.

The oils bring comfort
The waves calm my soul
The children say “Don’t Cry”
The husband holds me near

But I want to be selfish
But I can’t do that anymore
My belly wants a reason for kiss
My pain bitter to the core

As I let the tears go
Now I let the world know
That my baby is with me, just not here
No longer will I hide, longer will I fear

I can’t protect you from my pain
Destiny didn’t protect me
I have to see what’s on the other side
Who will make it because I decided to fight?

Stronger than pain?
No, not me!
I cry thug tears
Mourn like I lost him to the streets

I’m just a nobody
Trying to let someone know
Life sucks when you get down to it
Only faith can get you through it

I was over the rhymes
These keys are preaching how I feel
This word evolved like butterflies
Beauty who’s admirers forget the process

Most see me laugh some see me cry
But there’s no heartbreak like “no heartbeat”
It rips you to shreds
And a says “I’m sorry for your loss”

One day they’ll be fond memories of you
My darling 3rd child Asher
I promise to make them
Since you didn’t get the chance

I pray God shows me your face first when we meet again.

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Addison Rae
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My amazing baby girl.

46 chromosomes and this world were not enough to hold you. You needed 69 to express your sassy self, and the Earth was not ready for that much sass.

Six months we traveled this world so close to each other, and now you’re living life eternal, in so many Grandpa’s arms. I miss you every day, my super hero super girl!

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Our baby boy was born 9/25/17 and lived for 19 hrs and 30 min. No mother should have to leave the hospital with empty arms.

Date and Location
9/25/17 Fort Lauderdale, FL
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3 weeks today my beautiful chubby cheeks... 3 weeks since I’ve held you, smelled you, kissed you, cuddled you, played with your hair, your nose or held your beautiful hands, 3 weeks since I tickled those chubby feet..
I miss you so much Ali, no words can describe how I feel, I’m like an empty shell without you.. I’m trying so hard to carry on but all I can think off and all I see is you.. your beautiful eyes.
Thankyou baby for the 7months of beautiful memories you left me with,even though they are not enough to keep going, they are enough for me to know that I will meet you again in heaven one day.

I love you forever and will miss you forever.

Date and Location
10.01.2018 leeds
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